Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So we just got back from VA visiting my sister in law and we spent a couple of days at Virginia Beach. Funny how you worry about certain things going wrong and then something you totally weren't worried about goes wrong.

I was so worried that Curly would be fussy and crying in the looong car ride down and back but he did amazingly well. I got back in the back seat with them a few times to nurse him and play for a little bit and I hardly heard a peep out of him. He did well in the hotel and at my sister in laws house too. You could tell he was getting a little antsy by the end of the trip to just be home but still a pretty good baby.

Boo on the other hand was kinda rotten. She didnt want to take a nap in the car for whatever reason even though she was dog tired so a lot of the way we were dealing with a tired 3yr old which is not fun. The hotel room was a little small for her taste as well. She LOVED the beach though. And she did really well at my sister in laws (a little more room to move around helped I suppose)

We went to some yummy restaraunts and fed the seagulls. You could hold a piece of bread in your hand and they would come take it right out. Also in the mornings we saw tons of dolphins. We tried to get some pics because they were so close to the shore but still weren't able to. It was a little too chilly to swim in the ocean but we still got to get our feet wet (which is enough for me)

We got to visit with my sister in law and her little guy. We'll call him B. B will be 1 yr old in November and he is such a doll. Crawling like crazy, big brown eyes and dark hair. Actually we joke how much B looks like Boo when she was a baby. Fun times! I just wish they lived closer so our kids could grow up together. She is pregnant with her 2nd one now.

I still am not sure why I live in a state known for its pot holes and long cold winters. I love the warm beaches and ocean.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Your babes are gorgeous! Glad you enjoy my blog! Hmmmm...without actually being there, it's hard for me to say, but, I'll tell you what I know! We have 30 seconds to initiate any "resuscitation" on a baby...we give them that time to come around on their own...and you'd be surprised how long 30 sec can seem! Also, the blood is still getting to babe through the cord after delivery...usually, what gets a babe goin' is stimulation, which sounds like that's what was the case with your little one. The suctioning doesn't actually make them breathe, it clears their airways of some mucous so they don't get more into their lungs...but, when you stimulate a babe (suction, back rub, spanking--tho' no one does that anymore!!) that's what makes them breath! Many people aren't aware of it, but lot's of babes come out with the cord around their neck (3 times is a lot tho'!! Must've had one long cord!!), and most do just fine. So, my guess is that while it seemed like a long time to you, laying there with a gray babe on you, it probably was less time than you think! Does this help?