Friday, February 12, 2010

Bed to Crib Part 1

So last night I committed to getting Curly in his crib and not giving in. He is 9 1/2 months old and has not slept in his crib for 1 day of his life. Yes he's slept in there for the occassional nap or two and for maybe an hour in the evenings a couple of times when someone has watched him while my hubby and I went on a date. But for the most part he has been curled up right next to me in our bed. Which I love! But he is just getting way to big and way to mobile.

So I decided to try a method of the cry it out method (I hate this method but I have tried just about everything else and NOTHING has worked) So actually the night before last I put him in his crib, let him cry for 5 minutes, went in and soothed him and left. Let him cry for 10 minutes then did the same. Increasing the time I let him cry more and more each time. This didn't work. He just kept getting more and more upset and the crying got harder each time I left. So I brought him back into our bed and called that night a bust.

So LAST night I decided to go ahead and let him cry for 25 minutes (max) before going in to soothe him. Well for 20 minutes straight he cried pretty hard while my heart broke clutching the baby monitor. Wondering what permanent damage I was doing to my sweet little boy. After 20 minutes he kinda went down to a whiney humming so I decided to let him go as it didn't seem as horrible as the full blown crying and I was worried if I went in to check on him the full blown crying would be all that would come of it when I left again. So I let it go on. This went on for about 20 more minutes and little 20 or 30 second blurps of full blown crying in between there a little bit. But after about 40 minutes of all of that there was silence and he was asleep. I DID IT! And him and I both survived it. AWESOME! Few hours later he woke up and I nursed him and put him back in his crib. He only cried for about 5 minutes and he was asleep. When he woke up at 5 am I put him in the bed. Mostly because I missed him like crazy and I just...well I'm weak! Now I am worried I totally messed it all up by putting him in bed with me this morning. But we shall see tonight I guess. Wow I really hope that this is it. I have been stressing about this for literally months.

I'm sure noone will actually read this post because its pretty boring but I wanted to write it mostly for my own records.

Oh and he is acting like the same little boy today as he was yesterday so I feel that the crying didn't do any permanent damage. I know it sounds dumb but this was a true worry of mine.

And as soon as I get around to it a more detailed post about our cruise is coming. Just been kinda busy around here.