Sunday, May 23, 2010

Curly's 1st Birthday!

Well today is ending up being a lazt day so I might as well blog. Mostly family attended since it is his 1st birthday and he doesnt really have any "friends" yet. So much fun watching him eat his cupcake. He would not remove his hands from away from his mouth until every little crumb of cake was in his mouth. It was adorable! The rest of the story in pictures


And I just have to add this picture..It wasnt his birthday but its just too cute not to post: Playin in the dryer

And last but not least. Baby Curly almost a year ago. Amazing how much they change in just 1 year:

Catching up!

So I have been totally absent from my blog lately. Actually I have hardly been on the computer at all except for listing pretty much everything we own on Craigslist. Sometime in March Jeff was offered and accepted a job in Hawaii and since then life has pretty much been a whirlwind of trying to sell our home and get things situated for the move. We leave on June 6th. We are very excited to say the least. A little nervous too of course.

Curly has just about started walking. He can stand forever without holding onto anything and he can take about 4 steps before he falls down. He is such a mama's boy and loves to cuddle up to me anytime I pick him up. Since he is now 1 year old I decided to try and start weaning him which I soon found out Curly was not going out without a fight...a big fight. So very quickly I decided with the stress of the move and everything else going on I am not even going to attempt to start weaning him until after we are moved and settled in there. He says mama, dada, hi, bye and a almost understandable "thank you". He loves his sister and idolizes her every move. When she is sent to her room for being bad he crawls to her door and waits for her to be allowed out. Uncle Brian has nicknamed his "Loie the french kisser"..dont ask. haha.

Also of course I will be posting pics of our new home as well. Right now we are renting a condo until we can buy a home which will not be until we sell our home here in Ohio. Which hopefully will be soon. We have a very positive realtor which has helped me to stay sane. Worrying about it is not going to sell our house any quicker so all can do is be patient...and pray.

Here's a few of pics from when my husband went out for his interview.