Thursday, October 15, 2009

Think before you Speak

If there is one thing my mama taught me it was "think before you speak" And it always amazes me what GREAT advise that was. Especially when I have those moments where I just realized that I didn't think about what just came out of my mouth and its about 1.3 seconds tooo late.

So today I was talking to a co-worker and SHE totally had one of those moments but the difference with her was...she never realized what she said was kinda..well hurtful...sorta...because it was so dumb I thought it sorta more funny than hurtful. So this is how the convo went. Well I guess I should give you a bit of background first. She is way into bodybuilding and is even in competitions. So me having a baby back about 6 months ago now I'd like to get in shape so I asked for her help. She was more than willing and gladly gave me a diet and exercise regimen to follow. AWESOME! So here's how the convo went

ME: So I went to the Dermatologist yesterday for this yucko patch I have above my eye. Its psoriasis so they gave me some cream. Also the doc thinks I have hyperthyroidism. Isn't that weird?

Co-Worker: (looks me up and down for a second) Ha don't you mean HYPOthyroidism (and a totally NOT kidding tone)

ME: No Hyperthyroidism as in I have an over active thyroid. The reason she thinks this is because I've lost 60 lbs in the last 6 months and she thinks my eyes are "wider" than normal. So I have to go get a blood test and see but I totally don't think I do because I have always had "wide" eyes and I feel completely fine.

Co-worker: Are you sure they didn't mean HYPOthyroid...because really 60 lbs when you deduct the baby's weight and swellng and all that its really not that much weight you lost. (looking me up and down again literally sizing me up)

Ok we continued on like this for a while. Her never realizing that she was pretty much calling me obese (which 15-20 lbs over my ideal weight is NOT obese)Then she's all "is your husband going to be an obsticle for you in losing weight" HUH??? What are you talking about??!! Lord lady. I think I will be avoiding her for a bit as she obviously has NO internal filter when it comes to having an intelligent conversation. I have a feeling she does not have to many close friends. But maybe so. I don't know.

Ah well I go on to tell one of my other co-workers about this silly run in this morning. One of my co-workers that happens to be a good friend. She is freakin hilarious and can spin almost anything into roll on the floor histerical. And she is so positive. Which I LOVE. But she's not that annoyingly positive person where like no matter what you say she's like "thats ok let me tell you a joke" She's the perfect combination of light-hearted but CAN be serious when you need her to be. I love ya Jen. I know that when I go to her she can always make me feel better. I hope that I have that same effect on people. I want people to think I am gonna go talk to Michelle because she just makes me feel so good. haha. Is that stupid? I try to avoid negative people and try to bring out the best in others. And if you like to talk then I will totally be your best friend because I LOVE TO TALK! But know that I am at least TRYING to think before I speak so I don't make a total ass out of myself. lol!


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