Monday, October 26, 2009


So its almost November and Dec 31st is my last day with my employer. I am secretly getting excited. I really would love to be home with my kids for a little bit. Even if it were just for a month or so. I hate taking them to a sitter and they are with her more than they are with me. I know that I need to work and that being a stay at home mom really isn't possible for the long term but I can live it for a little while right?!

They had a big reorganization of changes in our department starting today at work. I am really really happy about it to say the least. More to come later about all that.

I can't believe the holidays are right around the corner already. Its so funny to hear Boo talk about Christmas this year. She is all into Santa Claus and getting presents. We are probably creating a monster but its still cute. I can't wait to see her face Christmas morning when she sees all the presents under the tree. That is just the best part of it all! My husband and I don't really get eachother anything for Christmas much anymore because we spoil eachother so much throughout the year with things that we want. Guns for my husband and clothes or whatever else for me. This year my Christmas present is a 7-night cruise to the Carribean. I CAN'T WAIT!

Well gotta go for now.


  1. I can't believe your talking about Christmas. . . don't remind me!

    I'm glad you are happy with the arrangements at work. It should make the last few weeks easier to endure.

    I hope you enjoy being a SAHM even if it's short-term. I don't think I could do it and I only have one child!

  2. I'm also going on the Cruise with you! I can't wait and have already started to count down the days! I haven't had a vacation in 2 years so I'm way overdue foe one!

    Can't wait to meet you!!