Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall and Pumpkins

I just have to write to say I LOVE fall! The changing of the leaves are so pretty and the smell always reminds me of good times. Another reason is because I absolutely LOVE pumpkin. Not the carving and digging out the guts part. The eating. I love pumpkin pies, cheesecakes, pumpkin rolls. OH MY! Just love it! So today I was browsing some blogs and found a recipe for Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins. I am totally making this. Check it.

Oh does this not look like the most delicious thing you've ever seen? Those little white things on top. Little drops of heaven (cream cheese)

Now I totally do not know who had the crazy idea of going on a diet. But I KNOW that this is definitly not one of my allowed items. Guess I'll just have to wait for my cheat day. If anyone would like the recipe I'd be happy to post it if interested. Oh my mouth it watering. Welp time to go eat my Chicken Salad. For some reason all of a sudden it doesn't seem so appealing. haha.

See ya!


  1. I get baking fever in the fall also. Now we've got Turner's trick-or-treat candy to add to the cookies, breads, and cakes.

    Oh the insanity!

  2. I have all the kids in bed and was hopping from blog to blog and thinking how I would really like something to snack on...Oh my those look yummy. Did you make them how did they turn out? Mmmmmm.

  3. Ok, you can NOT post that nummy picture without posting the recipe! You made me SO hungry!
    Just popping in to check you out since you left a comment on my BF post about comments :)