Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wild animals and Halloween

Totally random I know but I am trying to play catch up here. Much more to come.

So a couple of weeks ago we were getting ready to head out the door when I saw some movement out in our backyard out our sliding glass door that caught my eye. This is what it was on closer inspection.

A coyote. My husband runs down to the basement to grab his gun but decides that it was already on the run so it would most likely be long gone by the time he got ready to shoot. Which he was right. Then I read on the news a few days later that some lady in Canada got attacked by a pack of coyotes and actually died. So needless to say I wish he woulda got his gun. Ah well maybe next time.

So since we live out in the boonies we dont really have a good place to take the kids trick or treating so we decided to take them to a pumpkin patch instead. Which was a great plan because then we wouldnt have had to buy a costume but we could still do something entertaining (accept we did end up having to buy Boo a costume anyway because my sister in law wanted to take her trick or treating, so the plan didnt work out to well) We still had a really fun time at the pumpkin patch though.


  1. Wow! The coyotes would have scared the pants off me! The pumpkin patch photos are too cute!

  2. We live in a very populated area and we even have coyotes running around here! Nice to look at but sure don't want one coming close to me.

    The trip to the pumpkin patch looks like a lot of fun.