Saturday, January 9, 2010

What a week...

So it's Saturday night. I am reflecting on my first week as a SAHM. It was interesting. I really didn't lose my patience with Boo until Friday which I was kinda suprised at myself for. Honestly I didn't have anything to lose my cool about...until Friday (more about that in a minute) When I told her to do something she did it. When I told her it was nap time she would ask me if daddy would be home when she got up which I would reply "very soon after you get up he will be home", she would smile at me and lay her sweet little head down and be out for the next 2 hours. Curly was happy as a clam. I think mostly for the fact that he didn't have to take a bottle all week. Mommy all the time. He's such a mama's boy and I loooove it! I do think it is going to be a long winter inside though. It hasn't gotten over 20 degrees outside since I think sometime going on 2 weeks now so even bundling the kids up as much as possible I still hate taking them out in this cold. It sucks!

So Friday Boo was getting a bit of cabin fever I think. She was running around the house like a crazy girl almost the entire day. Wouldn't listen to a thing I told her to do. You get the picture. To sum it up it was a long day. I was glad when hubby got home and I could get away for just a few minutes for a deep breath...and quite frankly just to be able to go to the bathroom alone was a bonus.

Other Stuff From My First Week:

There is a girl. Beautiful woman, 2 young children (ages: 2 and 3 months), married, 28 years old. When she was pregnant with her 2nd child she noticed a lump in her breast, Dr's said most likely a hormonal thing from pregnancy, baby was born. Couple weeks later..diagnosis: Stage 4 breast cancer. She died Friday morning. My mind won't let it go. I have this incredible sadness for her family and her children. I also keep thinking about how she must have felt before she died. She was a Christian so she knew that she would soon be in the arms of her Lord and Savior which for anyone is an amazing thought because ultimately I believe that is where we all long to be. But again we are still human too. Knowing that you will never get to see your children grow up and they will never remember how much of an incredible strong mother they had. Only from pictures and stories will they know her. That to me is so sad! I pray for her family and ask that anyone that reads this would do the same.

On a different note: Since little Curly is now going on 9 months old he is getting a little too mobile to be sleeping in our bed. He wants to crawl to the edge and check out what's beyond the 6 foot boundaries of the mattress and I am not getting too much sleep. So we are trying to get him to sleep in his crib and its torture. I hate the cry it out method so I have been trying all kinds of other things. As of right now he will sleep the first few hours of the night in his crib then he wants me and he refuses to go back to sleep without being cuddled up next to me. And me being..well me..I give in and he's in our bed the rest of the night. Its a work in progress.

Well its getting late and I am tired. And I wanna check my facebook account so I am signing off. Take care and live like you're dyin.

Bye for now

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