Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick (Late Night) Update

Ok so its only 8:13 pm but the hubby has had to be at work at 6am all this week and somehow Boo manages to wake herself up before he leaves for work and then she doesnt go back to sleep. So guess who's been up at 5:30 every morning with her.

We have been in Hawaii now for almost 2 months. We already have moved to a different apartment then we started out in. The one that we rented sight unseen was a 2 bed 2 ba that we thought could work for us but ended up being WAAAYYY to tiny. The whole one wall in the living room and kitchen was a mirror so the pics that we saw of it online before we rented it were definitly deceiving. Luckily for us we did not have to sign a lease agreement because the place was/is for sale so that was great. We are now in a 3 bed 3 ba townhouse and LOVE it! Its perfect for us. And we are finally beginning to settle in.

We have done tons of traveling around the island checking out all the wonderful things to see and explore here. There is so much we still have not seen yet. I will post some pics when I get a chance but if you want to see some you can go to my facebook page. Unfortunately we lost out camera about 3 weeks ago so I havent been able to take any pictures other than with my phone and it takes terrible pics. I am hoping to talk hubby into getting a Digital DSLR. I sooo want one! But they are expensive.

So currently the Kileaua Crater is slobbering out some lava so we went to check it out last weekend but all we ended up getting to see was the smoke from the lava. It had already flowed too far from the road. The day that we were there though it did burn a house down. Which was the first house in the current flow. Sad but the people that live in these homes are VERY aware of the risk to where they live. Hopefully they were able to get a lot of their personal belongings out before it was too late. We also drove up to the crater which is actually about an hour drive from where the flow is going on..crazy huh. It was really cool to see. Cannot even begin to describe it. Just amazing the magnatude of it all.

Well time to go for now. I promise as soon as I get a new camera (or find the old one) I will get some pics up.


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